I hope I am not wrong to post this here, but I have gone through some changes in how I feel about India, and I would really appreciate any feedback from this sub.

I first went to India in the 90s. I went for about a month and as I had spent the 6 months prior to that living in a rural Nepalese community teaching, I took a (silly) youthful pride in not staying in one tourist hotel or eating in one tourist restaurant as I traveled about India by local bus and 3rd class rail. I met some great people and had some lovely experiences. It had its ups and downs (got robbed, got my head split with a rock when the rail carriage I was in got attacked by a political group), but overall I really enjoyed my time there.

Since that time I went back several times for vacation with my girlfriend (now my wife) and had a more normal tourist experience. Also very enjoyable.

Now I travel to India several times a year for business. I sell clothing and I have a lot of it manufactured in India, mostly around Delhi but also Jaipur. I am very careful about the factories that I work with and have them audited to make sure that they comply with best labor and environmental practices. I have feel very lucky to work with the people I have met there. They are amazing and over the years we have become good friends.

But this is the thing: I now hate going to India on these business trips I have to take. Delhi is completely unenjoyable for me, and this is despite the fact that I usually stay with old friends who live in a nice flat near Khan Market. I feel like a cranky old man griping about it, but the air quality is horrible. In a city where wages are so low, how is it that nothing gets cleaned? Nothing is straight, no pavement is unbroken, trash is everywhere, frankly it is worse in every way than the capitol of any undeveloped country I have every been to, and I have been to more than a few. The fucking traffic, I dread the thought of another 90 minute journey from Okhla to my friends flat, all to the sounds of incessant beeping of drivers being horrible to each other as the red sun sadly sinks in the smoggy sky.

Sorry for the rant. I just can't explain to myself how much I dislike visiting India now. I love the people I work with and honestly India probably has the greatest reserve of untapped human potential on the planet, but the there is a horribleness to life in Delhi that I just can't get over.

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21 Sep 2017, 7:07 pm

top scoring links : india Front page(s) of Times of India 

21 Sep 2017, 6:06 pm

top scoring links : india The other side of taj mahal! 

By tecnhical advice I mean , How to study , How to code ,What coding practises to follow ,which softwares are a must know etc

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I have been noticing this for a while, whenever I use the ATM and the ATM doesn't have the specified denomination or cash inside it, I still get charged ATM transaction fees..

Today I went to the SBI Atm to withdraw cash, no cash in the atm, poof gone 20/25 INR or whatever the charges are.

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And what the fuck is wrong with people? These channels are full of years old Syria-ISIS-fear mongering and North Korea-WW3 and crap about world is going to end.

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A manhunt has begun for the killer of a giant saltwater crocodile in Australia, as authorities warned its death would trigger more aggressive behaviour among younger crocs in the area
PM Modi ordered that all his ministers must, by August 31 ever year, share their assets and liabilities to illustrate transparency and a commitment to fighting systemic corruption.
Actor Rajinikanth today said Prime Minister Narendra Modi's cleanliness programme Swachhata Hi Seva mission has his "full support". The 66-year-old actor tweeted he was backing PM Modi's new programme...
President Donald Trump's contentious travel ban expires Sunday with little clarity over whether America's door will reopen for travelers from six majority-Muslim countries.
Iran will strengthen its missile capabilities and will not seek permission from any country to do so, President Hassan Rouhani said on Friday in an undisguised snub to demands by US President Donald...
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