(1) One project every semester. Put all your code on GitHub. Since you are a CS student, it'll be done in your room itself, or library. Projects for other trades will incur a lot of money, focus on doing the project up to the fabrication phase. Document everything and date it. Make individual files. 4 years later you need to be able to show something.

Objections raised about this NEXT point by people more learned than me, read what they have to say in the comments. Go through here for more of my thoughts on this.

(2) One research paper every year. MUST. Try to align your paper and project to complement each other. Lower the burden.

(3) Go through the CS(or any other trade) course of MIT(or any other standardised fully available online course). Study it and discuss online, if possible. Use it for your projects and research papers. This way you'll inculcate those learnings.

(4) Apply for internships online at STARTUPS. Your online code repository will help here. Stay away from IT industry. Not good for 'learning on the job.'

(5) Make resume RIGHT NOW. Doesn't need to be good, skip all the MS Word shite. On the contrary, it'll be empty. Make another resume—an ideal one—something that you hope to achieve. Put them beside each other on the wall. EVERY decision you make over the next 3/4 years should be to strive this.

You do this. Forget friends. Just dive in. Take inspiration from this guy's hard work. A Week in the Life of an MIT Student: Day 1 If you are not as busy as this guy, you are not doing the kind of engineering you desire.

All those college mein masti movies have been a lie.

I wrote this as a reply to u/Earagav, a CS student. Adapt this to your trade. I have been through this system from a shitty Engineering college. It's left me depressed. I hope to be able to help someone through what I've learnt.

Redditors, please contribute below. Suggest practical ways to improve employability of freshers.

Show this to any Engineering students you know. Make this a bloody whatsapp post and circulate it.

Edits: multiple :)

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17 Nov 2017, 12:56 pm

top scoring links : india How to be the perfect politician 

I believe that Engineering is using all our knowledge to reduce the work and time consumed in achieving any goal. But are we really taught this in the hundreds of Engineering colleges in India? Do we actually do least amount of work to do anything in college?

  • Assignments : What is even the point of assignments? If anything, they are just a waste of time. No one actually puts effort in them, not even the teachers check it with interest because they know they wont get any 'different/new' answers. All the questions we get are just basic 'What/Why/How/Which' questions which can be answered without using even a tiny part of our brain.

  • Lab records : We are already given a lab manual which has all everything about an experiment except the observations. Just using this to fill our readings and get a result is good, right? But no. We have to write everything in an observation book first and then in a record book. Not only are we wasting our time and energy, but also resources like paper. This defeats the sole purpose of Engineering.

  • Attendance : I dont know about other states but in Karnataka (VTU), we have to maintain about 75% attendance for every subject. What does a student's attendance even represent? They already judge a student's progression on his marks which 'apparently' measures the skill and knowledge of a student. So, how is the attendance important? If a student already gets good marks, does he need to attend the classes? If he gets good marks even with low attendance, does teaching even matter?

I am a first year Computer Science student in Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering in Bangalore.

Thanks for hearing me out.

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I had written this as a late comment on the post which blew up to get 1000+ upvotes. Someone suggested me to write it as a post to get better visibility. So, here is it.

The baby was sick in a pretty good hospital, but possibly had some serious heart issue, and one of the best specialized cardiac hospital in the country is this hospital in Thiruvananthapuram. They have researched and developed even their own prosthetic heart.

The hospital where the baby was taken to is a super specialized hospital made exclusively to research and treat the heart disease of kids. It's name itself is Pediatric Cardiology Medical College due to its specialty. They only take extreme referral cases like this one.

This hospital was founded before the independence by Maharaja of Travancore because his son, crown prince Sree Avittom Thirunal Rama Varma had an untreatable heart disease since his birth which led to his death at the age of six and the Maharaja wanted no one to suffer the same fate, hence such a super specialized hospital to research such diseases was created in his memory with the name Sree Avittom Thirunal(SAT) Hospital at a time period when even normal hospitals were rare in India.

Later, another bigger hospital was also started by the last Maharaja next to this hospital with more departments called Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology, Trivandrum. And, this hospital was pioneers of various things in the field of cardiac medical science in the world. The baby was taken to this hospital.

This was the reason why the baby had to be transported there instead of any other hospital in the country. It was just the best option for the survival of the baby.

Air ambulance was ruled out because of the critical condition of the baby who had much better chances with a land-based ambulance.

Kerala has a good road network, but the roads are narrow due to the population density of the state. At many places, it is just one lane in both directions. Any traffic can delay by a lot. The normal journey in this route will take over 14 hours, yet this ambulance reached in less than half of that time - 6hours 40mins.

This was done due to the help of some volunteers across the state. A GPS device was attached to the ambulance and the location was transmitted to everyone. There were WhatsApp groups with people around the state.

When the ambulance is near any of the volunteer's location, they will remove the traffic of that location so that the ambulance can pass without any traffic. This was how they were able to travel at such speeds through so many towns. During the entire journey, they only had to slow down once at Alapuzha. Other than that, everything went smooth. There are lot of videos on social media of people controlling traffic at various parts of the state

Along with volunteers, police also helped. Police vehicles escorted the ambulance during the entire journey and traffic police of each district made the arrangements to make the roads as clear as possible. It helped the Ambulance maintain 100 to 120kmph speed.

This story is not just about the ambulance driver. It is not just about the driver who drove the police escort vehicles in front of the ambulance. It is not about any single individual. Instead, it is about what we can achieve if a lot of people come together as one force. It is about togetherness. It is about unity. This story is awesome because so many people came together that day to make this happen.

Few such incidents have happened in the past too. A Malayalam movie named Traffic (2011) was made loosely based on a real incident similar to this. It is an excellent movie worth watching. Traffic movie was remade into Tamil as Chennaiyil Oru Naal, in Kannada as Crazy Star and is also remade in Hindi, with the same name Traffic (2016). The best one is, of course, the original movie. Watch the original movie if you can, as it is a unique movie which is shot from the perspective of a dozen people in a way no Indian movie has done before.

News article - https://www.indiatimes.com/news/india/this-is-how-people-in-kerala-came-together-to-make-way-for-an-ambulance-carrying-a-2-month-old-baby-333771.html

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A special court on Friday, asked the CBI and former media baron Peter Mukerjea to file their replies on an application filed by key accused Indrani Mukerjea in which she said her husband might have...
A cautious BJP has announced its first list of candidates for 70 assembly constituencies in Gujarat, internally categorised as the A seats, or those which the party is absolutely sure of winning. It...
Union minister Smriti Irani on Friday, took a jibe at Congress leader Shashi Tharoor for his reported 'maharaja' comments amidst a row over period drama 'Padmavati'.
Microsoft founder Bill Gates on Friday met Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and discussed with him ways to intensify the immunisation programme against Japanese Encephalitis (JE) and Acute...
Pakistan's offer to resume dialogue with India triggered a series of meetings both in the North Block and South Block of the Cabinet Secretariat in New Delhi on Friday. The Ministry of Home Affairs...
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