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Hello Guys,

A hotel near my house have employed 2 childrens as labourers. I know there is child helpline 1098 but I don't want to give my info/cell number. :(

I don't want to get into trouble with local goons.

Is there is way I can report it without giving my personal info.

Edit : Tried calling helpline from BSNL/Vodafone but it's not connecting. ;(

Vodafone is telling me it's wrong number.

Edit2 : Tried calling Child Labour helpline # 022 - 26572929 (listed in MH labour site) But no one is picking up the call.

Dropped mail to them. Let's see if anyone responds.

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My mom and all her siblings have failed marriages. At least one of her siblings found a tolerable partner in her second marriage and is now relatively happy with a kid. The other sibling’s husband is a drunk vagabond and recently started showing sings of dementia with no signs of taking care of himself. My parents are divorced because my dad, apart from looking like a human, does not treat us and especially my mom as a human. Because my mom is independent, we took the decision to separate from him and she has finally started to find some happiness/peace. Well, not for long as my dad clearly called it out before divorce that no family will come forward to give me a girl because no one wants to give their kid into a broken family. He fucking called it, but at that point of time, given I was away from home studying/working, and my dad resorting to physical violence, we pulled the plug. Fast forward, now, this is a huge issue while approaching for any matches. I feel good riddance when people run away, but my mom now feels that she should have stuck with the hell just so more people would approach us for matches. I have no regrets, but seeing my mom double guess her decisions doesn’t sit well despite my assurances that she took the right decision.

OTOH, peer pressure in marriages suck. I always loved my friends and cousins like my own siblings, but I am starting to regret that as they have high expectations for my partner. They expect fair skinned, well educated, petite and obedient girl. My mom was subjected to prejudice by my father’s side because she is dark skinned and I can clearly see my partner being subjected to the same prejudice and hurting words should she not be able to meet the standards my friends and whatever remaining family I still have expects. I’ve decided that if they don’t accept any partner I choose as-is, I will simply ghost them and live in peace with my partner(hopefully, a man can dream, right?). However, growing up with friends/cousins thinking they are lovely and finding out that they are just as prejudiced as our previous generations really hurts. I hope they don’t turn out to be as bad as I think they are now.

I just started my search for a partner by myself and I see it is not that easy to find a girl who is working, matches my thinking, and who also doesn’t mind forming alliance with a divorced family. I just signed up for shaadi.com and fingers crossed. It is going to be hell till this ordeal is over. Thanks for listening!

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For a change from monologues?

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